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BUY. SELL. invest. restore. build.

Luxury Simplified is a one-of-a-kind company that brings together real estate, preservation, restoration, architecture, building & development, investment and concierge services all under one roof.

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Construction Guide: Roofing materials for Homebuilding in Charleston

Part III in our series "Construction Guide for Homebuyers" What is your roof made from?  The choices range from asphalt shingles to wood shakes and clay tiles, from steel or aluminum panels, to rubber look-a-like slate or to authentic slate, and to fired clay tile.  All acceptable roof materials will perform to Building Code but…

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Real Estate

Have you Discovered Wadmalaw Island, SC?

By Terri Seignious, Vice President, Realtor, Luxury Simplified Real Estate When most people think of Charleston, SC they probably bring up images of romantic carriage rides, beautiful antebellum homes or possibly the majestic plantations just south of the city.  When I think of what makes Charleston so special my mind immediately goes to one our…

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Real estate Investing & Residential Property Income

By Rob Wilson, Investment Manager While it is true that in the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson wrote, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal ..." when it comes to real estate investing, not all income is created equally.  When looking to purchase existing rental units, understanding the income and…

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Discover Charleston

The East Side - A Resident's Perspective

By Hogan Willis, Marketing Assistant The Charleston peninsula has over 14 neighborhoods of which I have lived in 4.  I moved to the East Side of Charleston two years ago while attending the College of Charleston to escape the extremely expensive monthly rents that students are forced to pay for oftentimes undesirable living conditions. The…

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Luxury Simplified in 2015 - WOW ...What a Year!

By Mary Tinkler, Operations Manager, Luxury Simplified Retreats As we say goodbye to 2015, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on the successes of Luxury Simplified over the past year and look forward to all that the future holds for 2016.  When we first opened our doors on 95 Broad Street in March…

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Gadsden House Documentary | Historic Restoration Project Charleston, SC